Unleash the Ultimate Freight Forwarder's Toolkit!

Experience the all-in-one solution for total freight management with Cargo Forwarder. Gain access to powerful reporting tools, seamless networking, integrations, and efficient communication, all wrapped up in a user-friendly interface that your team will absolutely adore. Simplify your operations and take control of your logistics like never before.

The Booking.

Streamline your logistics operations with our seamless "Quote, Book, and Ship" solution that covers all modes of freight. Experience the convenience of a single platform to effortlessly manage your quoting, booking, and shipping processes across various transportation modes. Simplify your operations.

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The Journey.

Effortlessly manage your logistics journeys across air, sea, and road transportation. Our comprehensive solution allows you to seamlessly handle every step of the process, from pre-carriage to final delivery. Simplify your operations and gain complete control over your freight management, ensuring smooth and efficient transportation across all modes.

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Unlock the power of comprehensive reporting with our solution, enabling you to generate insightful accounts, operational, and sales reports across multiple offices. Take advantage of advanced filtering options to extract the precise data you need, and effortlessly export your reports for further analysis. Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to drive your business forward.

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Seamlessly integrate with a vast array of applications available in the Cargo Forwarder App Store. With just one click, install these applications directly into your freight management system, expanding its capabilities and enhancing your workflow. Effortlessly connect with the tools and features you need to optimize your operations and unlock new levels of efficiency.

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Experience a simplified and streamlined Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for managing your customers and suppliers. Our intuitive system offers an efficient way to track and nurture relationships, ensuring seamless communication and enhanced collaboration. Say goodbye to complex CRM systems and embrace a user-friendly approach that empowers you to focus on building strong connections and driving business growth.

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Effortlessly manage supplier and customer invoices with our comprehensive solution. Streamline your invoicing process, from creation to tracking and payment management. Stay organised, maintain clear records, and ensure timely payments with ease. Simplify your financial operations and focus on building strong relationships with your suppliers and customers.

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